Introduction and Purpose

This document contains the official ruleset of Challengers Uprising. The ruleset will apply to all organizations that have accepted their invitation to participate in Challengers Uprising. This tournament will consist of sixteen teams with no ranked requirements.

The rules are not intended on restricting competition in any way, rather the ruleset is designed solely to preserve competitive integrity.

  1. Team/Roster Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in CUP, each team must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Player Limit Teams must sign up with a minimum of five starters. CUP will allow a maximum of seven players per roster. Five of these players must be designated as “starters,” the remaining two will be designated as “subs.” 
  1. Point of Contact Requirement Teams are required to maintain throughout the season one designated “Point of Contact.” PoC responsibilities include, but are not limited to, CUP staff to team coordination, submitting roster changes/sub requests, communicating relevant information, being an available point of contact during and outside of games.
    1. PoC responsibilities include but are not limited to:
      1. CUP staff to team coordination
      2. Submitting roster changes/sub requests
      3. Communicating relevant information
      4. Being an available PoC during and outside of games
      5. Managing reschedules
  2. Active Roster Each team is expected to maintain an active roster of at least five members, but may not exceed seven members. Three out of five starters must be playing at any given time. Rosters must be submitted to the tournament organizers. Rosters will be vetted by CUP admins on a case by case basis.
  1. Emergency Substitutions Emergency subs are defined as players that play who are not currently on a roster. E-subs may not be players from another roster.

    E-Subs are allowed. However, all e-subs must be submitted to the tournament staff to be vetted. Players that are approved to a roster within 48 hours of a game are considered to be e-subs. Teams requiring an e-sub will result in the opposing team gaining two additional phase two bans. Two e-subs will result in forfeiture of game 1 of the series. Teams are NOT permitted to use 3 esubs. The procedure for ban penalties can be found in 4.2.1.
  2. Roster Changes Should a roster addition exceed the roster size above seven, teams are required to drop a player with their addition. Teams may make a maximum of two roster additions per week. Teams are not allowed to make changes within 48 hours of their match. If a roster change is submitted late it will count as an e-sub. If sub positions are full, teams must remove a player before adding. Replacing a player counts as one addition.
  3. Team Member Eligibility

To be eligible to compete in CUP, each player must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Listed Player  Players must play on their Faceit approved account.
  2. Player Exclusivity Players may not be rostered by more than one team simultaneously.
  1. Roster Lock Roster Lock for Scouting Grounds Circuit partnered tournaments is 11:59PM EST June 1st. At that time, a player is required to be locked for that team’s roster throughout the Scouting Grounds Circuit. (Ex: Jungler for Team A is required to play for only Team A for the entirety of the Scouting Grounds Circuit.)
    1. This rule applies to substitutes as well. 
  2. Amateur Status Players who actively have a professional contract as a LCS or Academy player are ineligible to play on a team or as a substitute.

  3. Tournament Structure
    1. Regular Season 
      1. Schedule Teams will play each team in their division twice. Teams are expected to play at 7:30 PM Eastern on Wednesdays. Teams will play two Best of two matches per week. 
      2. Reschedules Should a team need to reschedule from the normal time, the team captain of the rescheduling team must contact their opponent’s captain. It is up to the opposing captain’s discretion whether or not to accept a reschedule request. Should the opposing captain refuse the request then the match will be played according to the normal schedule unless an alternative reschedule is agreed upon. 
        1. For teams that successfully negotiate a reschedule, one of either team’s captains must post in #match-reschedules the teams involved and the date and time for which the match will be rescheduled to.
        2. Teams are prohibited from arranging more than one TBD reschedule at one time. A team must complete the previous TBD before they may make another.
        3. Should a series that was rescheduled fail to materialize the series will be rendered a forfeit to the team that initially required the reschedule.
          1. If a reschedule is agreed upon by both teams and a team fails to appear then the team that failed to appear to the reschedule will receive a forfeit loss.
      3. Forfeits Teams will not be allowed to forfeit. CUP strongly values competitive integrity which relies on accurate match results. If a situation arises where a TBD reschedule is agreed upon and a team is intentionally preventing the game from being played, CUP will take administrative action to uphold tournament integrity. Forfeiting matches will strongly impact the possibility of a team being reinvited for future seasons.
      4. Groups There will be two groups. Each group will contain eight teams. Each group will be composed of 4 invite teams and 4 play-in teams.
        1. Seeding will be determined by an LP ranking system.The top 4 ranked teams will be granted a 1 seed, the next 4 a 2 seed,etc. 
        2. Tournament organizers may elect to seed the groups to preserve competitive integrity. The top four from each group move onto an eight team single elimination playoff bracket.
  1. Ties In the event where two teams have a tied score, whichever team with the better head to head record will advance. Should there be a tied head to head record both teams will play a tiebreaker to determine advancement/seeding. A coin flip will determine side selection for ties.
    1. Tiebreakers with THREE or MORE teams will undergo the following ordered criteria to determine seeding.
      -Head-to-head-to-head series wins
      -Head-to-head-to-head fewest game losses
      -Head-to-head-to-head most game wins
      -Bo1 3-team round robin or 4-team randomized bracket
  2. Point System A point system will be used to determine seeding for playoffs. Regular season games will be assigned points according to the following:
    1. For each 2-0, game sweep, the winning team will receive three points
    2. For a 1-1 tie, each team will receive a point
    3. For a 0-2 loss, teams will receive zero points.
    4. For a 0-2 FF, see 3.1.3


  1. Single Elimination Bracket Teams that make it out of the group stages will be placed into a single elimination bracket following a Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals format. Quarterfinal playoff games are to be played in the Best of Three format. Semifinals, 3rd Place, and Finals will be played in a Best of 5 format.
  1. Seeding Seeding is done based on the results of regular season groups. The top team in each group will be “1st seed.” The second team in each group will be “2nd seed.” Brackets will be randomized with the guarantee that no two teams from the same group will play each other until Quarterfinals.
  2. Playoff Player Eligibility Players from eliminated teams are not eligible to compete in playoffs.
  3. Playoff Side Selection
    1. Quarter-Finals The “1st seeds” will have side selection of games one and three.
    2. Semi-Finals/Finals Side Selection will be determined by a coin toss generator run by an admin and team captains.
  4. Playoff Rescheduling Playoff Rescheduling must be admin approved and follow all regular season rescheduling requirements.
  5. Match Process
    1. Role of Referees
      1. Responsibilities Referees are CUP Officials (people with the “coordinator” Discord role) who are responsible for making judgments on every match-related issue. Their oversight includes but is not limited to:
        1. Issuing penalties in response to Rule violations.
        2. Confirming the end of matches and the results.
      2. Referee Etiquette Referees are required to act in a professional manner at all times. Referees shall exercise judicial temperament at all times. Rulings shall be done impartially, without passionate or prejudiced influences.

      3. Finality of Judgement Referees may not reverse judgments mid-match. However, after the conclusion of a match, CUP Officials reserve the right to reevaluate a ruling and potentially overturn it. CUP Officials will always maintain a final say in all decisions set forth throughout the CUP.
    2. Lobby/Pre-Match Setup Games should be played in Challengers Uprising discord. Each team must have all five members in the lobby and assigned voice calls at the prearranged time. Should a team fail to report a full roster, they will be given ten minutes to report. 
      1. Should a team fail to arrive by the 11th minute, they will grant the opposing team an extra two bans in the second phase. Teams should report the extra bans in League client draft.
      2. Should teams fail to appear by the 16th minute, they will forfeit a game.
      3. Should a team fail to appear by the 21st minute, they forfeit the series.
      4. Seating Order In the pre-game lobby teams are required to sit in the following order: Top, Jungle, Middle, Bot, Support. Should a player be unable to operate the picks bans due to a faulty client then the correct order must be reported in the lobby chat.
      5. Player Ready State Once both teams are ready to move onto the drafting phase, Team captains must report readiness in lobby chat with “r.” Only then should draft be initiated. Once the draft is finished both captains must press “r” before moving to Game Setup.
      6. Game Lobby Creation Refer to FACEIT game ID for tournament codes.

    3. Game Setup
      1. Start of Pick/Ban Process Once both captains type “r” teams should proceed to the Pick/Ban phase.
      2. Champion Reworks/New Champs Champions that have been completely reworked or newly released will be placed on a one week cooldown where they may not be drafted in a game. Partial reworks will be allowed/disallowed dependent on admin discretion.
      3. Prodraft  Teams may request for Prodraft to be used in lieu of a normal draft phase. Should this happen, both teams will be required to use Prodraft. Should a champion be erroneously locked in, the intended pick must be posted in lobby chat and dm via discord to the opposing team as soon as possible. Should an unrecoverable error such as banning a champion that was intended to be locked occur, Prodraft may be remade. The picks and bans must mirror the previous Prodraft up until the point of error. Prodraft must be used for streamed games.
        1. Games that are affected by ban penalties are required to use Prodraft.
      4. Side Selection Side selection will be given to the team listed on the LEFT of the schedule for games one. After game 1 sides are swapped.
      5. Trading Champions Champions must be traded before the 20-second mark preceding game start. Failure to do so will result in remaking of the lobby. Should this happen a second time the series will be forfeited.
      6. Failure to Load Should a player fail to load-in due to a bugsplat, disconnect, or a similar issue, then the game must be immediately paused.
  6. Game Rules
    1. All Chat  Use of all chat and emotes are allowed in moderation. Banter may not reach a point of harassment. Tournament Staff reserves the right to determine what is harassment.

    2. Mastery, Emotes, Taunts Mastery, emotes, taunts are allowed in competitive matches. However, players are prohibited from using mastery, emotes, and taunts in a spamming manner. Example: Spamming Nunu taunt.
    3. Pausing Each team is alloted fifteen minutes of alloted pause time. If a team exceeds this amount then they are required to re-start the match, regardless of player status. Players should only pause for equipment malfunctions such as DC’s or lag. Teams may only pause the game ten seconds after any combat between players. Lane harassment is exempt from this rule.
    4. Unpausing Before unpausing, the captain of the team that initiated the pause must ask the captain of the opposing team if their team is ready to resume. This is done by typing “R” in all chat. Captains of the opposing team should communicate readiness by replying with “R” in response.
    5. Match Conclusion Match conclusions will be autoreported through faceit.
    6. Gentlemen’s Agreement Gentlemen’s Agreement (GLA) stipulates that should both teams come to an agreement, certain official CUP rules may be ignored. For example, teams agreeing on a no ban loss for subbing penalties. A staff member must be informed preceding the game; otherwise any backtracking of the agreement cannot be punished. This should include confirmation from both team captains. GLA’s are an acknowledgement that both teams are foregoing certain protections granted by this ruleset.

  7. Player Conduct
    1. Competition Conduct
      1. Unfair Play The following things will be considered unfair play and will be subject to penalties at the discretion of CUP officials.
        1. Collusion  Collusion is defined as any agreement among two (2) or more players and/or confederates to disadvantage opposing players. Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as:
          1. Soft Play: Soft play, which is defined as any agreement among two (2) or more players to, not damage, impede or otherwise play to a reasonable standard of competition in a game.
          2. Deliberately losing a game for any reason (money, favors, etc), or attempting to induce another player to do so.
        2. Competitive Integrity Teams are expected to play their best during CUP games. Teams should avoid any behavior that is inconsistent with the principles of the Summoner’s Code, good sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play.
        3. Exploiting Exploiting is defined as intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage. Exploiting includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: glitches in buying items, glitches in neutral minion interactions, glitches in Champion ability performance, or any other game function that, in the sole determination of CUP officials, is not functioning as intended.

        4. Ringing  Playing under another player’s account or soliciting, inducing, encouraging or directing someone else to play under another player’s account. Players playing on an account that does not accurately reflect their real rank are also considered ringers.
        5. Cheating Device The use of any kind of cheating device and/or cheat program.
        6. CUP Discretion Any other further act, failure to act, or behavior which, in the sole judgment of CUP officials, violates these Rules and/or the standards of integrity established by the CUP for competitive game play.
      2. Profanity and Hate Speech  A Team Member may not use language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct at any time.
      3. Abusive Behavior Abuse of CUP officials, opposing Team Members, or audience members will not be tolerated. Repeated etiquette violations will result in penalties. Team Members must treat all individuals attending a match with respect.
    2. Unprofessional Behavior
      1. Responsibility Under Code  Unless expressly stated otherwise, offenses and infringements of these Rules are punishable, whether or not they were committed intentionally. Attempts to commit such offenses or infringements are also punishable.

      2. Harassment Harassment is forbidden. Harassment is defined as systematic, hostile and repeated acts taking place over a considerable period of time, which are intended to isolate or ostracize a person and/or affect the dignity of the person.

      3. Non-Compliance No Team Member may refuse or fail to apply the instructions or decisions of CUP officials.
      4. Match Fixing No Team Member may offer, agree, conspire, or attempt to influence the outcome of a game or match by any means that are prohibited by law or these Rules.
    3. Subjection to Penalties Any person found to have engaged in or attempted to engage in any act that CUP believes, in its sole and absolute discretion, constitutes unfair play, will be subject to penalty. The nature and extent of the penalties imposed due to such acts shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of the CUP. Challengers Uprising exercises the option to not refund a team’s deposit in the event that a team is removed from CUP for violating a rule.
    4. Penalties Upon discovery of any Team Member committing any violations of the rules listed above, the CUP may, without limitation of its authority under Section 6.4, issue the following penalties:
      1. Verbal Warning(s)
      2. Loss of Side Selection for Current or Future Game(s) 
      3. Addition of Bans for Opponent for Current or Future Game(s)
      4. Game Forfeiture(s) Match Forfeiture(s) 
      5. Suspension(s) 
      6. Disqualification(s)
        1. Disqualifications will ALWAYS render a team’s deposit being non refundable.

  8. Prizing
    1. The total Prize Pool will be $15,000 and 1000 FACEIT Qualifying Points. Cash Prizing will be split 50/25/15/10 and FACEIT QP will be split 350/275/225/150  amongst the top four finishers.
    2. Distribution Cash prizes will be distributed directly to the GM/owner of the team. CUP distributes prizes to the team, not the players. Teams are responsible for determining the manner in which prizing will be further distributed. 
      1. The 1st place team will receive $7,500.
      2. The 2nd place team will receive $3,750.
      3. The 3rd place team will receive $2,250.
      4. The 4th place team will receive $1,500.
  9. Spirit of the Rules
    1. Finality of Judgement All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, player eligibility, scheduling of the CUP , and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with the CUP, the decisions of which are final. CUP decisions with respect to these Rules cannot be appealed.
    2. Rule Changes These Rules may be amended, modified or supplemented by the CUP, from time to time, in order to ensure fair play and the integrity of the CUP.
    3. Best Interests of CUP CUP officials at all times may act with the necessary authority to preserve the best interests of the CUP. This power is not constrained by the lack of any specific language in this document. CUP officials may use any form of punitive actions at their disposal against any entity whose conduct is not within the confines of the best interests of the CUP.

* * *

This rule book was created, in part, by referencing the 2018 LCS Rule Set (v18.5), Challengers Uprising does not claim ownership over these sections.