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Skullz – Official Merchandise Partner

PORTLAND, OR — Challengers Uprising is partnering with Skullz as the official merchandiser. As we continue to share the same goals in serving the esports community, we look forward to collaborating and creating innovative designs that are sure to stoke our community. We will be launching our first product line for season 3, Proving Grounds.

“It is exciting to see a true ‘path to pro’ that Challengers Uprising is offering the League of Legends community! We are pumped to be a part of it!” Said Wes Byrd, CEO, of Skullz

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Skullz to create our Challengers Uprising premium apparel & headwear. Their spirit of innovation, quality, and providing great experiences for our teams, competitors & fans is what we’re all about.” Said Glenn Chin, CMO, of Challengers Uprising.

Interested in becoming one of our newest partners? Contact to discuss how our brands can align values behind the goal of making a genuine difference for aspiring esports professionals.

The Challengers Uprising brand kit can be found here

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About Challengers Uprising

Challengers Uprising was created in 2020 by a group of passionate esports & entertainment experts to fill a void between the amateur and professional competitive scenes in esports. The Challengers Uprising platform is centered around empowering all ambitious gamers – from players & coaches to casters & producers – to ascend to the zenith of esports. Challengers Uprising seeks to inspire the amateurs of today to become the pros of tomorrow.


Glenn Chin – CMO

About Skullz

Skullz is on a mission to provide the highest quality gear for gamers and esports teams, organizations, and affiliates in the industry while promoting non-toxic behavior, community, integrity, and sportsmanship. In 1999, a group of young men and women, all starting their careers in the computer industry, launched a new gaming club called Skullz. The founders of Skullz turned their passion and professional experience into a brand name for the esports and gamer world.  With a focus and pride in quality and excellence, Skullz is one of the industry’s top brand names of choice for esports apparel, backpacks, chairs, and more.


Wes Byrd CEO

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