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Kicking off the New Years Showdown!

Welcome to 2021 North American Amateur League of Legends, where competition is king.

Challengers Uprising has teamed up with Nerd Street Gamers to host a kick-off tournament that showcases the upcoming talent we will see this year. The tournament will consist of eight teams playing in a single elimination bracket over the course of one day. There will be a lot of action, a lot of fun, but most importantly, a lot of competitive League of Legends! 

“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.” – Kobe Bryant

The players have been grinding for months, all looking to take the next step to the professional level. The Proving Grounds Circuit (PGC) will be the perfect pipeline for these individuals to make that step. The PGC changes would structure the amateur scene so that it’s intertwined with the academy ecosystem. With these changes set in motion, many LCS teams became interested, and some major organizations would go on to create amateur teams of their own to compete in the Proving Grounds Circuit.

We see so many different recipes for success, from LCS org backed teams, CLoL teams attempting to adapt their systems, and last but not least, all of the amateur orgs who are looking to show some of these top orgs what the grassroots scene is all about.

With so many recipes for success, one might ask what are the ingredients? Some of the rarest of ingredients are those rising stars, the hidden gems if you will. How about some wings of the dark variety? DarkWings, a player known for his defensive play style, is looking to breakout onto the amateur scene with his new team. Next there’s the hand-crafted baguette, all the time and effort turned into baked perfection. Hyami, an aggressive French jungler who has made a name here is looking for his redemption arc after coming up short with Mirage last season. Finally, it is said you need daily fruits, well we’ve got the whole fruit basket. Whether it be dashing in and out with Lucian or stealing his enemy’s ultimates with Sylas, Rovex will be sure to take a commanding lead in lane and open up the map for his Super Sunshine Fruitbasket Warriors.

It’s ONLY a kick off tournament right? No, it is so much more than that. It is the first chance for these teams, the known and no names, to show their strength. Competition is on the horizon, and these players are just getting started.

Tune in on 1/9 at 12:30 PM ET over at

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