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Challengers Uprising and HudL Join Forces.

PORTLAND, OR — Challengers Uprising is thrilled to announce that they have joined forces with – a UK-based esports solution agency. will provide critical services to Challengers Uprising to help support their growing success in the amateur to the pro-competitive scene.

“It’s hard for me to put into words how excited we are to be partnering with HudL. Together we are going to bring new and exciting grassroots opportunities to brands all across the world.,” Chief Operations Officer Jordan Trabue at Challengers Uprising.

Craig Wood, Founder of HudL said “I’m very excited for us to be working with the team at Challengers Uprising, their passion and success in the path-to-pro esports sector is incredible.

Interested in becoming one of our newest partners? Contact to discuss how our brands can align values behind the goal of making a genuine difference for aspiring esports professionals.

The Challengers Uprising brand kit can be found here

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About Challengers Uprising

Challengers Uprising was created in 2020 by a group of passionate esports & entertainment experts to fill a void between the amateur and professional competitive scenes in esports. The Challengers Uprising platform is centered around empowering all ambitious gamers – from players & coaches to casters & producers – to ascend to the zenith of esports. Challengers Uprising seeks to inspire the amateurs of today to become the pros of tomorrow.


Glenn Chin – CMO


HudL was founded in 2020 as a response to their growing efforts and support within grassroot esports during COVID-19.They have quickly built a reputation within the industry as a capable esports agency that provides expertise in both education and grassroot esports.


Kris Humphrey – COO

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