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Challengers Uprising Season Two Overview

TL;DR: Sign up for Open Qualifier below, Season 2 application opens soon!

It’s been a long six months, but Challengers Uprising is happy to be back for our second season! Since Season 1 finished, we’ve seen a multitude of changes to the amateur scene. Let’s dive into how Challengers Uprising factors into the new Proving Grounds Circuit, as well as how our new tournament format will work! 

What is the LCS Proving Grounds Circuit?

The LCS Proving Grounds Circuit (PGC) is the successor to the Honda Scouting Grounds Circuit, previously run by FACEIT. In the new PGC system, amateur teams compete for a chance to face off against the bottom LCS Academy teams in a new flagship competition: The LCS Proving Grounds tournament. 

Amateur teams begin by competing against each other in Tier 2 tournaments (like Challengers Uprising) in order to earn qualification points. There are three Tier 2 tournaments in total, with Challengers Uprising Season 2 being the third and final opportunity for amateur teams to earn qualifying points. The top teams will then qualify for Tier 1 tournaments, where they will compete against LCS Academy teams for a spot in the LCS Proving Grounds. After all is said and done, the winner of the LCS Proving Grounds will be crowned as the best team in North America outside of LCS! 

What will the format for Challengers Uprising Season 2 look like?

For this season, we’re moving away from our original best-of-two format due to scheduling constraints. Instead, we’re switching to a Swiss-style format for our regular season. Here’s the breakdown:

Number of Teams

  • 16 teams total
  • 8 teams invited via application
  • 8 teams qualify via Open Qualifier (2/5)

Regular Season

  • All matches are best-of-three
  • 5 day regular season (2/8, 2/9, 2/13, 2/14, 2/15)  
  • 5 rounds total, 1 played per day
  • 3 wins = qualify for playoffs


  • 8 teams, single elimination bracket
  • Quarterfinals are best-of-three (2/16)
  • Semifinals are best-of-five (2/20)
  • Finals are best-of-five (2/21)

Where can I watch?

While we will not be broadcasting the Open Qualifiers, you can tune into our Season 2 broadcasts here:

Connect with us on social media! 

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About Challengers Uprising

Challengers Uprising was created in 2020 by a group of passionate esports & entertainment experts to fill a void between the amateur and professional competitive scenes in esports. The Challengers Uprising platform is centered around empowering and enabling all ambitious gamers — from players & coaches to casters & producers — to ascend to the zenith of esports. With unprecedented competitive experiences, Challengers Uprising seeks to inspire the amateurs of today to become the pros of tomorrow.

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