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Challengers Uprising Season 1 Semifinals Predictions

Four teams left. Two heavy favorites. 

100 Thieves Next, Polar Ace Esports, ANEW Esports, and FrostFire

With 2-0s for three of the Challengers Uprising semifinalists in the quarterfinals, the semis are bound to be full of banger moments. The four teams remain in the running for Challengers Uprising’s prize pool: a total of $15,000 and 1,000 SGC Qualification Points. Be sure to follow us on Twitch here to watch the semifinals July 22nd/23rd at 7 PM EDT!

Let’s get into the predictions!

100 Thieves Next: DiD yOu SeE tHaT kEnVi PeNtA oN kInDrEd?!

Jokes aside, that has to be the amateur LoL clip of the year no? It goes without saying that 100X have been nothing short of an amazing team to watch. Tenacity and Kenvi have captured the hearts of amateur, and as of yesterday, have been announced as new additions to the 100 Thieves Academy roster! In place of Tenacity and Kenvi, 100X is now fielding FallenBandit and jungler Nxi. Given 100X’s series last night in UPL, they seem to be adjusting fine to the new additions! I look forward to seeing how dominant this new 100X roster can be in their series today.

Polar Ace Esports: A cool-headed team with a hot series against Simplicity Esports

Between being the first team to take a series to three games, playing with a new jungler, AND then also being able to reverse sweep Simplicity Esports makes me believe PA have great mental. The big question is if they adjust to their new jungler, and elevate their game enough to defeat 100X. I saw moments of glory in their series with Simplicity, but also a lot of missed opportunities and questionable plays.

The Verdict on 100 Thieves Next vs Polar Ace Esports:

100X 3-1 PA

I do not believe that Polar Ace can take down 100 Thieves Next. I think Yeon/Auto will outclass PA’s bot lane and that lead will then carry through to other lanes. I hope that PA can take a game or two off of 100X, and I think they will if they play around their strong solo lanes.

Matchup to Watch: 100X Yeon/Auto vs PA Spawwwwn/Julien

ANEW Esports: Everything old is Yeung again

There is no doubt in my mind that the top two teams in the league are ANEW and 100X. I also believe that 5fire is the best mid laner remaining in Challengers Uprising, with strong roster pieces enabling his early game aggression. I’m looking forward to seeing the matchup between 5fire and FrostFire’s HighKeySavage due to both player’s aggressive tendencies. The aggression 5fire brings typically helps shield Shoryu from early pressure and helps him create advantages on his own. ANEW’s most successful game plan is MikeYeung and 5fire setting up Shoryu for success and I see no reason for them to deviate from that.

FrostFire: Ice and fire, a blend of veterans and upcoming talent

FrostFire is a team that brings the most unique playstyle out of all four teams. We are seeing picks such as Gnar, Hecarim, and even Jayce mid come out. This is a team that plays with no fear and will skirmish down to the last Nexus turret. They may overstep their bounds frequently, but they are damn fun to watch. FF typically wins through a dominant performance by Kitzuo who then sets HighKeySavage up for success in sidelanes.

The Verdict on ANEW Esports vs FrostFire:

ANEW 3-1 FrostFire

While FrostFire brings a fun and unique style to Challengers Uprising, ANEW will be ready to punish FF’s mistakes. That being said, I believe that this series can go five games if FF choose their fights intelligently and prepare for the attention ANEW tends to give their bot lane.

Matchup to Watch: FF HighKeySavage vs ANEW 5fire

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Follow us on Twitch here to watch the semifinals July 22nd/23rd at 7 PM EDT!

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