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Challengers Uprising Quarterfinals Recap

Our playoffs got off to a roaring start, as we saw the top eight teams duke it out for the chance to remain in contention for the Challengers Uprising $15,000 prize pool and a total of 1,000 SGC Qualification Points. After the dust had settled, only four teams were left: 

100 Thieves Next, Polar Ace, ANEW Esports, and FrostFire.

FrostFire vs LBGN

The first game of the FF/LBGN had a heated start, with both teams heavily trading kills. The main beneficiaries of the conflicts were both teams’ junglers, with Kitzuo playing Karthus and m1nk playing Kindred respectively. While the game was shaping up to be a brawlfest centered around the junglers, a rushed Baron attempt from LBGN gave a heavy lead to FF, and they were able to use it to quickly close out the game. 

After an absolutely disastrous level one invade from LBGN, FF proceeded to speedrun the second game of the Bo3 with Kitzuo stampeding through LBGN on Hecarim. Despite a few desperate attempts from LBGN, FF comfortably grew their lead and won the series 2-0 to secure the first semifinals slot in Challengers Uprising.

100 Thieves Next vs. Mirage Esports

Next up during the 7/15 broadcast was 100X versus MIG. With 100X dominating almost all of the SGC circuit (with ANEW being a notable exception), and MIG finding themselves in a slump recently, 100X came in as easy favorites for the series. In the first game, they proved the expectations to be true as Kenvi came through with his stock standard excellent gameplay on Graves

In the second game, 100X found themselves at a surprising disadvantage due to early game playmaking from Hyami on Rek’Sai. However, off of disciplined gameplay and a clutch hook from Auto on Blitzcrank, 100X was able to bounce back for a 2-0 win against MIG. 

Polar Ace vs Simplicity Esports

We kicked off of our second day of quarterfinal matches with PA competing against SIM. Despite PA being the higher seed, there were major questions on whether or not they’d be able to carry the day; needing to bring in a last minute substitute jungler in the form of Pyswagoras. It appeared as if those concerns were true in the first game, as The Mr Bad’s Blitzcrank hooks seemed to never miss, and Panda took over the game on Karthus jungle

PA swung back in the second game though, as their backline carries proved superior (BusioC on Corki and Spawwwwn on Ashe) in a back and forth 30 minute game. Afterwards, the third game can only be called “The BusioC Show”. The 16 year old mid laner with three accounts in Challenger had a monstrous Leblanc performance, with an ending scoreline of 14/1/9. In the only three game match of quarterfinals, PA won 2-1 against SIM in the end.

ANEW Esports vs SN Dark Matter

The final matchup of quarterfinals was also perhaps the most lopsided, with ANEW being an all circuit favorite to win with star players such as MikeYeung, 5fire, and Shoryu. On the other hand, SNDM was a completely dark horse in the Challengers Uprising regular season – with a middling roster but surprising upsets against ‘better’ teams early on. 

Unfortunately, the series provided no upsets or defiant moments. ANEW made quick work of SNDM, overpowering the lower seed team in back to back sub-30 minute games. But at least Spider was able to complete Cull on Kog’Maw… 

What’s next? 

With the Challengers Uprising quarterfinals wrapped up, the four teams that continue onto semifinals will compete on July 22nd and July 23rd to determine who qualifies for the Challengers Uprising finals and a lion’s share of the $15,000 prize pool and 1,000 SGC Qualification Points. 

Our first match of the week will be 100 Thieves Next versus Polar Ace, with ANEW Esports versus Frostfire broadcasted the following day. 

As always, we’ll be streaming live from our Twitch channel starting at 6:30 PM EDT. 

Please join us as these matches are sure to deliver amazing plays and highlights! 

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